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Below is some information about different types of tile and their uses, please come and visit us to see our full range.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been a popular and dependable choice of wall and floor covering for many years. The endless choice of styles, finishes and spectrum of colours, have endeared ceramic tiles to generations, and now with the modern inkjet technology, tiles have a new styling where there are no repeat patterns visible on the tile face, giving a more realistic finish to the tiles, where the old dot matrix caused by screen printing, is a thing of the past.

Ceramic tiles are ideally suited to all domestic applications, dependent on the grade of the tile.

At Salisbury Tiles Store we will advise you suitably and ensure that your choice of tile is suitable for your individual application.

Porcelain Tiles

The benefits of porcelain tiles are that they are strong, durable and beautiful. They have become very popular wall and floor coverings, mainly because of their realistic mimicry of natural stone, although they are easier to install and maintain. Porcelain tiles are suitable for all domestic and most commercial applications, shopping centres airports, and hotels included. They are suitable for outside application, mainly through their high density and low moisture absorption, making them resistant to frost and any spillages.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a lifestyle choice. All-natural stone is more or less porous and will need to be sealed and maintained. This process causes the small invisible voids to be filled, and thus any liquids cannot penetrate the surface. This way any spillages can be cleaned off the surface of the tile. Natural stone is always packed wet and will not dry until unpacked. At this time the colour will lighten. It is essential that the product is completely dry before fixing. All-natural tiles vary, and can exhibit natural and geological variations, in terms of colour, marking and texture, and even with the most stringent manufacturing process, there will always be a variation in size and thickness. Because of this, samples are merely treated as guidelines to your finished application, and you will not necessarily receive the exact replica of what you have seen in the shop. Fixing stone floors is often better left to experienced fitters, who will grade your tiles to maximise the use of the shading and flaws that are inherent in this style of tile.

Tile Sealants

Salisbury Tile Store is proud to carry tile sealants from LTP, the UK’s number one sealant manufacturer. Easy to use sealants for your natural stone, terracotta, quarry tiles, Victorian floors, external paving, and encaustic tiles.

What We Offer

All-natural stone needs sealing as they are porous products. We recommend this in order to stop soiling, and with an on-going maintenance program will keep them looking in prime condition for a lifetime. The same can be said for all tiled flooring, and with LTP we have a product for all your maintenance, cleaning and sealing needs. If you are fed up with your floor looking great with that just washed look, but when it dries it becomes matte and uninteresting, you are probably using the wrong products to clean it with.

For beautiful surfaces we have the solutions.